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Highest Quality and Service at the Best Priceā€¦Guaranteed!

Quick turnaround:
3-4 weeks for readers with copyright material *
1-2 week for readers without copyright material *
24-hour reorders (ready to ship/deliver)
* Estimates may increase near start of term

Personalized and Professional Publishing:

  • 35 years of service to the academic community
  • Scan technology used to copy, clean, scale-to-fit & center each page
  • Suggestions offered for better functionality and lower cost
  • Multiple customization options to make your reader stand out
  • Revisions are completed in-house (no need to ship your original back and forth each semester)
  • As part of a campus community, we understand the needs of you and your students firsthand

Copyright Management for print & digital readers

Complimentary Desk Copies provided

Proofs and Quotes (copyright and retail) provided

Customized Materials include:

  • Anthologies
  • Self-Authored Textbooks
  • Lab Manuals
  • Workbooks
  • Class Notes
  • Digital Readers
  • Cases (Law, Business, Government)
  • Out-of-Print Books