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Writing About Me

Writing About Me

By Barbara Huntington and Linda Masse

Suggested retail $12.49

ISBN: 0-7442-3262-7
Page Count: 64
Published: 2003

A step-by-step guide to developing a powerful personal statement for your application to schools of: Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractic, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Podiatry and Veterinary Medicine.

Reading and Writing with Multicultural literature

Reading and Writing with Multicultural Literature

2nd Edition
By Abdul Jabbar, Ph.D.

Suggested retail $64.75

ISBN: 978-0-7442-0112-3
Page Count: 750
Published: 2010

Abdul Jabbar has taught English for 36 years on a full-time basis at City College of San Francisco, including visiting professorship at University of California, Berkeley. Recipient of a Fulbright scholarship and two National Endowment for the Humanities awards, he received his Ph.D. in English from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, and has several publications to his credit. For humanitarian work, he chairs the Board of Central Asia Institute, a U.S. non-profit that promotes literacy, especially for women, by opening more than 130 schools in the remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"the most original and creative literature textbook I have ever seen."

"I am most impressed by the promise of meeting students' needs in their struggle to move from summarizing to discussing style and technique."

"The tone is quite down-to-earth and engaging. I believe students will appreciate that."

"Step by step instructions" are by far the best rubric I have ever seen for writing a critical essay -- brilliant, succinct, essential, and clear."

"The selections in this section are extremely well chosen for college freshmen. I believe these selections will capture their interest, expand their vocabulary and jump-start their imagination."

". . . a brilliant, innovative work that truly makes a textual apparatus an all-in-one pedagogical asset. The text's focus on writing as a discovery tool is its greatest quality, followed by the diversity and quantity of readings."

"I have never seen this level of instructional specificity in an introductory text before."

- McGraw Hill Reviewers

Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment

Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment

A Clinical Guide for Counselors Working with Substance Abusers and The Chemically Dependent
By Georgi DiStefano, LCSW and Melinda Hohman, Ph.D.
English, Japanese and Spanish versions available now.

Suggested retail $94.00

ISBN: 978-0-7442-9406-4
Page Count: 292
Published: 2010


Japanese Version

Suggested retail $114.00

ISBN: 978-0-7442-9604-4
Page Count: 320
Published: 2010


Spanish Version

Suggested retail $94.00

ISBN: 978-0-7442-0613-5
Page Count: 294
Published: 2011

The Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment incorporates themes from the twelve-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. These themes provide clinical goals for the counselor to guide clients in the treatment process.

For those clients that attend AA/NA, this model will strengthen their program. For those clients that cannot relate to the spiritual aspects of the Twelve-Steps it provides an alternative perspective that is cognitive-behavioral in nature.

This model utilizes motivational interviewing techniques and cognitive-behavioral interventions. Both MI and CBT are considered evidenced-based therapies and are utilized widely for chemical dependency treatment.

This model provides an assessment scale that pinpoints where a client is in regards to their thinking about their alcohol and drug use and which interventions will be most useful and appropriate given this information. This model is very useful for supervisors to collaborate and provide guidance to their counseling staff.

It is very exciting to share this new model with our professional community. It has been featured in both Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly Journal and Counselor Magazine.


Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment

The pdmt companion workbook for dui and substance abuse treatment programs
By Georgi DiStefano, LCSW
English and Spanish versions available now.

Suggested retail $99.00

ISBN: 0-7442-5105-0
Page Count: 432
Published: 2012


Spanish Version

Suggested retail $125.00

ISBN: 0-7442-2736-9
Page Count: 432
Published: 2012

with CD of Client Handouts

The Paradigm Developmental Model of Treatment Group Topics Workbook presents a comprehensive variety of skill-building topics for use in your substance abuse/DUI group treatment setting.

This workbook incorporates themes inherent in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and utilizes motivational interviewing techniques and an assortment of cognitive behavioral group exercises.

Group topics are designed to stimulate the contemplative and action stages of change. There are 35 topics with several exercises/activities per topic with each comprising a group session. Objectives and information for counselor preparation are included in each topic.

As a group cycles through the topics, clients gain an increased understanding of their relationship with alcohol and other drugs, while they strengthen skills in problem-solving and life management. These topics have been pilot-tested by 45 certified Counselors at the San Diego State University Center for Alcohol & Drug Studies & Services Driving Under The Influence Program.

This group material is compatible with and facilitates the PDMT exercises utilized in individual Counseling.

I am Still Here

I am Still Here

By Laura Simon

Suggested retail $25.99

ISBN: 0-7442-6034-5
Page Count: 474
Published: 2006

The last 100 years in this world have seen poverty, wars, famine, and fatal influenza pandemics. Those years have also witnessed giant strides in medical discoveries, methods of communication and transportation.

I Am Still Here presents a unique picture of one woman's journey through those years. Simon was born in Chicago during Teddy Roosevelt's presidency. The book describes her efforts to overcome poverty during the Great Depression, survive the Spanish influenza as a child and many other difficult obstacles throughout her life. Laura Simon shares secrets and bits of wisdom about living independently as a centenarian.

Multicultural Education
A Caring-Centered, Reflective Approach

2nd edition
By Valerie Ooka Pang

Suggested retail $78.49

ISBN: 978-0-7442-9798-0
Page Count: 542

Be a teacher who makes a difference. This book addresses the needs of today's teachers who must understand and teach students from many diverse cultures, religions, classes and linguistic backgrounds. The case studies illustrate culturally relevant teaching and provide important insights on creating caring classrooms and schools. This text addresses all the major issues in multicultural education. The author will make you feel that you can make a difference.

Moving Beyond Treeline

Moving Beyond Treeline

By Larry Beck, Ph.D.

Suggested retail $21.99

ISBN: 978-0-7442-0278-6
Page Count: 94

Excerpt from Moving Beyond Treeline - "We need the contrast of adventure in our lives – some adventure – to complement our day-to-day routines and obligations. Both are essential for our well-being as are solitude and community, focused effort and relaxation, affliction and triumph. In wilderness we are capable of moving beyond what we are accustomed to seeing, thinking, and doing into new territory of the landscape and the mind."

And Her Name Was Katrina:

And Her Name Was Katrina: Life After the Storm

By Dr. Tanis King Starck

Suggested retail $24.99

ISBN: 978-0-7442-1159-7
Page Count: 356

There is a lot you may know about Hurricane Katrina. We all remember the horrible images splashed across our television screens and on the front page of every newspaper. In this book, Dr. Tanis King Starck methodically lays out the real story through the words of those who live it, through historical facts and through her own insights and emotions. As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, it was important for Dr. Starck to find and tell the real story, put it in the proper context and ask the most important question – how do we keep this from happening again? This book will help you understand the challenges faced and will reveal to you the magnitude of its impact. And Her Name was Katrina will alter what you think you know about this disaster.

Winter's Light

Winter's Light

By Martha Kinkade

Suggested retail $21.49

ISBN: 978-0-7442-1453-6
Page Count: 100

As natural as the tree, St. Francis appeared. Golden light surrounded us. When I was four, St. Francis visited me as I walked back from the creek. Grandma had drawn my bath water and I remember how it slopped in the pail as we walked through the trees. Looking up, I saw St. Francis. This is my first memory of Wyoming. My Uncle Jim had committed suicide. My mother had sent me to Wyoming for the summer to help my grandmother mourn. As her remedy, I gave her a focus and it worked. This is where I mark my life journey into darkness, and this book of poems is where I mark how I found my way home. The poems resonate and envision a life from torn pieces of history and imagined realties. They exist on the page for the reader's journey, and perhaps, for a sense of freedom.


Principles of Data Communications and Network Security:
Practice Orientation

By Brian Shin, Ph.D

Suggested retail $59.99

ISBN: 978-0-7442-2427-6
Page Count: 468

This book is written for undergraduate and graduate students studying MIS, accounting information systems, or any related field. With the relative depth of the coverage, it can also be a good textbook for an entry-level computer science course. It is assumed that students are exposed to the subject for the first time. As the title implies, much focus of this book is providing students with practical as well as theoretical knowledge necessary to launch a successful professional career. With its practical value, several students have kept the book as a reference.

Instructors are provided with PowerPoint lecture slides; solutions of exercise and chapter review questions; a test bank; additional hands-on assignments of practical values; and links to Video Tutorials . Especially the hands-on assignments are designed to perform without a computer lab.

Math Cards

Math Cards

Developed By CGI Researchers

Suggested retail $5.57

ISBN: 0-7442-9054-6
Page Count: 65
Published: 1999

These Math Cards provide a portable set of math problems each with multiple number choices. Set includes 65 index cards in 13 color-coded sections and are intended for use at the elementary school level. Problem types are based on over 20 years of research by Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). CGI professional development aims to increase teachers' knowledge of how children think about mathematics and how to use knowledge of children's thinking to inform their mathematics instruction.

Español para todos

Español para todos:
Gramatica y escritura para hispanohablantes de los Estados Unidos

By Margaraita Hidalgo

Suggested retail $34.99

ISBN: 0-7442-6370-0
Page Count: 216
Published: 2007

This is a WORK-TEXT designed for college students of Spanish-speaking background who are fluent in the home language but have had little or no exposure to formal Spanish. Inasmuch as students come to the classroom with the knowledge of the spoken language, the purpose of this course is to reinforce the rules of formal Spanish through varied activities that highlight the crucial grammar points at the intermediate level. It contains verstatile content-based reading and writing activities, directed compositions, short translations, and grills oriented toward the four-year colleges and universities which have implemented at least a two-level track or mini-program for U.S. Hispanics. It is also useful for mixed groups in which the instructor finds considerable numbers of students of Enflish and Spanish speaking background. It should be used with an intermediate reader of a textbook that emphasizes communications and/or competency.

Notes on Planet Earth version 2.0 CD

Notes on Planet Earth version 2.0 CD:
An Introduction to Geology

By Dr. Gary H. Girty

Suggested retail $17.49

ISBN: 0-7442-6139-2

Published: 2007

The Notes on Planet Earth CD consists of a series of modules/chapters that cover standard lecture (Geological Sciences 100) content. In addition to the lectures, you can find laboratory materials for Geology 101 and practice exams. Available in PC and MAC versions.

The Q & A Handbook on Dentistry and the Dental Admission Process

Dentistry Set (2 books):

The Q & A Handbook on Dentistry and the Dental Admission Process

For Pre-Health Professional Care Students and Advisors
By Gary L. France, D.D.S.

Suggested retail $26.99 (set)

ISBN: 0-7442-5103-6

Page Count: 64
Published: 2004

The information in this handbook provides pre-health professional students, potential dental school applicants, and Pre-health Professional Advisors with the questions and answers, which will assist them in exploring the option of a career in dentistry.

A Key to Success in the Dental School Admissions Process

A Key to Success in the Dental School Admissions Process

For Pre-Health Care Professional Students and Consultants
By Gary L. France, D.D.S.

Page Count: 292
Published: 2010

In this guidebook, suggestions and advice are given on how to apply to the schools of choice of the applicant. It advises the applicant to consider applying to dental schools where their undergraduate or pre-dental credentials would qualify them as candidate. It provides plenty of information about the admissions process common in all dental schools. You will find information about the dental school application, the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), and the dental school interview. It has examples of a dental school curriculum; letters of recommendation; and personal statements. It covers financial planning, considering before, while, and after graduation from dental school. Finally, it has recommendations on what to do in the event of denial.

The Early Comic Strip  (Part I)

The Early Comic Strip
(Part I)

Narrative Strips and Picture Stories in the European Broadsheet from c.1450 to 1825
Paperback Edition
By David Kunzle

Suggested retail $49.99

ISBN: 0-7442-1450-5
Page Count: 480
Published: 1973

This book is intended as a history or pre-history of an artistic Phenomenon which is part pictorial and part literary, and known to the English-speaking world variously as "comic strip," "comic," "comic book," "strip cartoon," and the "funnies." This volume is primarily a corpus of all the broadsheets which can be classified as picture stories and thus as ancestors of the modern strip up to 1826.

The History of the Comic Strip (Part II)  The Nineteenth Century

The History of the Comic Strip
(Part II) The Nineteenth Century

Paperback edition
By David Kunzle

Suggested retail $49.99

ISBN: 0-MzSp-1452-B
Page Count: 414
Published: 1990

This is the second volume of Kunzle's rather ambitious plan to provide a history of the comic strip. It covers the flowering of the comic strip in 19th-century Europe, from the pioneers (Topffer, Hogarth, Cruikshank) to the later, popular caricaturists (Cham, Busch, Petit) and also details the magazines they appeared in. Kunzle's aim is to present this artistic form to an audience unfamiliar with it.