Format. Review. Publish.


Montezuma Publishing will be accepting electronic signatures for theses and dissertation publication on a temporary basis.

Please continue to use the existing signature page templates from our website.

You may:

  • Type the names of your committee members on the signature line of the template
  • Your committee member can print the document, sign it, scan it, and send it back to you *
  • If you already have original signatures you may scan your document and send a PDF to us via email

* A signature is required from every committee member, but they do not all need to appear on the same scanned document.

You are responsible for supplying us with one email to containing all of the your files with committee signatures in either format.


Thesis orders are accepted between the hours of 8:00am - 3:45pm, Monday through Friday.

Once your thesis or project’s content has been approved by your thesis committee, your thesis needs to be formatted. The University has rules in place affecting the layout and appearance of your thesis. Formatting is working with your document to make it conform to the University’s rules.

After Formatting, your thesis or project must be reviewed. Montezuma Publishing (MP) is the University’s official source for Review. Whether you’ve formatted the thesis yourself or hired MP as your formatter, review is necessary to verify that your document has been formatted correctly.

Theses must meet the following minimum requirements in order to be accepted for review:

  1. All mandatory preliminary pages must be filled out (Title page, Signature page, Copyright page, Abstract, Table of Contents, List of Figures/Tables if applicable).
  2. The department approved style guide must be used for all citations and references.
  3. Your thesis must be in a single Word Document or PDF.

After review, your thesis or project must be published by the University. (If you’re concerned about who owns the rights to your document, see the FAQ page about copyright for more information). This is also done through Montezuma Publishing. MP produces all of the University and department required copies.


Dissertation students must visit the SDSU Graduate Division before submitting their dissertation to MP. Please contact your graduate adviser or department coordinator for more instructions regarding formatting and procedures. The Graduate and Research Affairs web site also has additional information regarding Dissertations.

Visit the Graduate Division for more information.