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What to do when your favorite book goes out of print


Avoid the potential frustration that can occur as a result of your favorite book going out-of-print. Let Montezuma Publishing get you what you need, when you need it…no matter what it is.

Contact us as soon as you know a title is going out-of-print, even if you don’t know for sure if you will adopt it again. Publishers take longer to respond to copyright permission requests for out-of-print books.
There is no risk or charge to you when you ask us to seek permission to reprint an out-of-print book. Since permissions take 6-8 weeks, we need as much advanced notice as possible.

What we need:

  • ISBN number
  • Title
  • Author and/or Editor
  • Publisher / Copyright Owner
  • Copyright Year
  • Total Number of Pages

Oftentimes we are able to obtain a copy of the book from the library on the campus, but if not, we will need to borrow your copy in order to create the master. If we borrow your copy, we will return it to you as quickly as possible.